Canada’s first geothermal power plant is under construction in Saskatchewan

As more governments look for better ways to fuel their economy, Saskatchewan is now said to be under development of Canada’s first geothermal power plant. Although it is said to be only a pilot project for potential future projects, this is a good sign for those looking for alternative energy options in the future. Geothermal heating and cooling has been gaining rapid popularity in both commercial and residential applications, but the development of a power plant to rival the traditional power utilities could be signalling the sign of the times.

According to reports, the preparations for the pilot plant’s development began at the leased site in question, roughly 2 hours drive southeast of the city of Regina, late last year. The company behind the project — Deep Earth Energy Corporation — is reportedly still in the process of securing funding for development, it should be noted. The company’s CEO Kirsten Marcia recently noted that, with $4 million already spent on feasibility studies, another $5 million would have to be raised from investors “before she can receive approval for the loans that will finance construction of the plant itself.”

Vancouver geothermal heating and cooling | GeoForce Energy

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